Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sudd-Suddenly #1

(Sudd-suddenly: Recording random thoughts)

NRI family at Thanjavur temple during their annual India visit.
Appa! Look… F1 elephant!
Look there… that elephant has a chequered flag painted on its forehead. Can we go for a ride…please, please?! I’m so bored. Let’s experience some G-forces!
Strange… wonder what that is. Is the Indian Govt already into promoting the 2010 Delhi GP? May be he’s the mascot, called…hmm… Thezu?
I think it’s a new marketing strategy by Mr. Mallaya for his Force India team.
Abhachaaram…abhachaaram! Is that wine-shop fellow now trying to penetrate our sacred temples and ruin their sanctity? Oh krishna paramaathma, protect us.
Thaatha: Calm down. That’s just the effect of criss-crossing of horizontal lines painted by one group and vertical lines by another.

1 comment:

Kondayya said...

next it will be the kids wh'll have the chequered flag on their foreheads, incase the father is from one group and the mother from another..