Friday, September 11, 2009

The beginning of...

Scene: UVCE college, front foyer - an open space cordoned off by the library and rows of classrooms and offices.
It generally stays empty, thanks to the rule prohibiting students sitting or forming groups in the place. And since its a govt college, it retires quite early almost everyday. It would be tough finding a person or 2 by 4PM.

Its a weekday, around 8 in the night and the foyer is almost full, bursting with students.
'Perot Systems' have just conducted their written round of tests for campus selection. I'm seated in a corner of a corridor with a bunch of friends. I know very clearly the outcome of my test for I've confidently messed it up. We are sitting there, discussing random topics - formula1, rock music, Applied Thermodynamics, adult movies, C++... and what not! While some in the gang are their usual self, a few others look almost lost. They do blurt out a word every now and then, but they primarily appear pre-occupied.

I found the scene very interesting. An attempt to give a poetic account of it...

Shedding its usual nakedness,
the place appeared draped in a polka dotted gown.
People, people and more people,
sat there in a state of conscious coma,
fixed and settled like the dyed dots on the gown.

The night was dimly lit,
by the prayers,
those said silently inside,
and the others said aloud outside.
Hopes hung everywhere,
like bats and spiralling cobwebs,
cautiously balancing between imagination and practicality.

Eager souls awaited,
what could be called, a predictable twist of fate.
The chanting mouths longed,
for success' sweet taste.

The judgement,
the announcement arrives,
like a sudden downpour,
bringing soothing bliss to some
and flooding sorrows to the others.
The ambience transforms into little muddy pools;
in them sadness sediments slowly.

We are all hitch-hikers on this road,
this road called life.
If accompanied by the fortune fairy,
one gets a ride to destination.
But what if not... dont bother to worry.
we will walk our way...