Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sudd-Suddenly #1

(Sudd-suddenly: Recording random thoughts)

NRI family at Thanjavur temple during their annual India visit.
Appa! Look… F1 elephant!
Look there… that elephant has a chequered flag painted on its forehead. Can we go for a ride…please, please?! I’m so bored. Let’s experience some G-forces!
Strange… wonder what that is. Is the Indian Govt already into promoting the 2010 Delhi GP? May be he’s the mascot, called…hmm… Thezu?
I think it’s a new marketing strategy by Mr. Mallaya for his Force India team.
Abhachaaram…abhachaaram! Is that wine-shop fellow now trying to penetrate our sacred temples and ruin their sanctity? Oh krishna paramaathma, protect us.
Thaatha: Calm down. That’s just the effect of criss-crossing of horizontal lines painted by one group and vertical lines by another.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Red she now stands tainted in

Red she now stands tainted in.

Brutally scathed by two groups,
She appears ragged,
Smeared all over with red stains,
Stains of dirty red,
Stains of ugly red.

Group 1 -
Armed with heavy artillery,
bombs and sophisticated guns,
And fuelled by a brain-washed mind,
Shooting almost at ranges point blank,
They left her belly wounded and bleeding,
A horrific red,
An inhumane red.

Group 2 -
They shot, too.
Wielding weapons of a varied kind,
Driven by a brain-washed-off-all-sensitivities mind.
Earlier, a quick-fire conference had been summoned,
“the prime motive, I want us all to comprehend,
is that in the issue’s vigorous and relentless coverage
our ‘Terrorism Roko Pracharan’ we will aim to boost and leverage.
Cash-in Now News-brigade, Infiltrate Bombay’s Nerves.
Times Now Right-here, to present the never-before-seen
Nauseating-levels of Dramatized Terror Viewing.
infuse fear in the mind of the common man... to the TV sets, may he be stuck.
to step out, scared stiff should he be, like he has never been Aaj Tak.
and do remember the rule of the day… only flash news and breaking Headlines Today.
happy hunting!!!” they hi-five’d and dispersed.

Operating well beyond the point of cerebral-space-gone-blank.
sucking in anything seen around,
it, they cut, chopped, grated and ground,
chewed, chewed and chewed
and then on her, spat and spewed,
leaving her doused in red scum,
A cheap red.
A filthy red.

And then the great Indian circus trick,
Performed by a bunch of powerful political pricks.
One party cries foul over the other being ‘soft on terror’,
The accused scramble for a scapegoat to sacrifice,
in a desperate effort to cover up a costly error.
The spotlight falls on one… ageing but not ill,
The man known by many as ‘the one who’s always dressed to kill’.
“we know its difficult for you wise guy,
but looks like its become impossible for them to stand your banter
and this time they are all over us you see.. left, right and centre.”
“This doesn’t suit you well anymore” they go on to say,
“But if you aren’t sent home now… we just don’t stand a chance to stay”.

Yes… we have all shamelessly grown thick-skinned,
Sick of continuously getting ripped and skinned.
For we all know… those with power,
Blame games they will continue to play,
Bloody lame games that they always play.

Bright and vibrant colours,
well known for these has she always been,
But with colours having become filthy, fake and deceptive,
The need has now risen for her to come clean.
Let us all go colourless for a while,
no saffron… no green… no white…
And bring to a halt the grinding wheel of supremacy fight.

PS: inspirations to this post - RS's, KA’s and GS's