Monday, October 12, 2009

Sudd-Suddenly #4

A lazy, aimless stroll inside ‘Temptations’, an understated, humble video/music store on Brigade Road.

Storeguy: new album saar. Today only it came.
Joblessguy (not paying much attention): hmm…
Storeguy puts back the album. Joblessguy sudd-suddenly spots a familiar font on its cover.
He picks it up with a sense of urgency and stares at it and it reads in big bold guitar-head fonts ‘MEGADETH - ENDGAME’
A massive chord from a Jackson-electric sounds inside his head. His pulse seems to have taken off on a lead guitar solo.
Joblessguy: you do accept card right….

Mustaine… dear god.. loyal friend…
News and rumours of a nervous breakdown and retirement… uahahaha… I can hear you laugh at us silly mortals through your album, through your guitar.
You have held the dying veins of speed/thrash metal and jolted it out of coma.
Oh lord.. thank you for coming back.