Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An SMS epitaph

My new mobile had a fall,

simple and clean,

landing flat on its screen.

Streaks of bright yellow and green,

are all that is left to be seen.

beep, beep,

weep, weep...

Rest in peace.


Kondayya said...


My cellphone LCD (outer one) broke too :((..Bloddy! it couldnt withstand my friggin weight ..nowadays I either have to let go a call or pick it up with out knowing who is calling..

I hate Nokia

which one did you buy..by the way?

implodingdarkness said...

hehehe... what an assault by your kudi thoppai!

the one that cracked was samsung... i'm actually quite grateful to the accident... that one was at par with jenna jameson in performance!

im back to basics, nokia entry level model - a well upgraded 1100, called 1200 or something and im super satisfied!