Friday, April 13, 2007

A '?' day

Today was a ‘question mark’ day.
One of those days where you keep questioning yourself as to why you are doing whatever you are doing.

Questions keep shooting out of your mind like bullets from a machine gun.
And the most difficult part is that you have to face these bullets alone, no army, no team. Try dodging them and you’ll see that they boomerang right back at you. There’s no escape, no refuge, the questions seem to work on the same principle as that of guided missiles.

Why did you join this company?
Why did you take up engineering?
Why are you working on such an outdated technology?
Why can’t you be technically strong in whatever junk you are doing?
Why are you still sticking on to this field even after you know its bad?
Why are you only mediocre in whatever you do?
Why cannot you make a firm decision on what you want to be?
When will you learn, gain knowledge and be a true champ at everything you do?
How difficult is the other stream you are trying to enter?
Will you survive if you take a plunge or will you drown?
Why can’t you dedicate even 1 hour everyday to improve yourself?
Why is this code looking endless?
Why is the logic appearing so undecipherable?
Why is the cafeteria playing music which is so loud and lousy?
Why isn’t anyone complaining against the bad quality of the food?
Why is it that everybody seems to be happy with the rip off prices?
Why is this cocky rotund clown my manager?
Why is he questioning me on my performance when he does not seem to know, in any sense, the word’s very meaning?
What qualities did they see in him to make him the manager?
Why are all the clocks appearing to run so slow?
Why can’t they function in the way you want them to?

At the end of the day you find yourself swimming against a high tide of questions. You are trying to reach the other side. But then you realize there isn’t a destination at all. Swim or sink. Its your call.


Kondayya said...

a near purr-fect case of 'curiosity kills the cat" sayest dont take the future as a burden and the past as a curse..and make the present hell

me thinking of these answers
q1.why can't you be a champ in what you do?
a.b'coz we interested in many things at same time,we basically tend to jack of all trades but master of none and that has been our nature since childhood..

q2.How difficult is the other stream?
A. No one learnt swimming before gettting in to water naa..go take a plunge ..and do let time it takes to learrn swimming be a factor..You've lotsa years in front of you..if you dont take risk now ..when will you?

Q3.Why isnt anyone complaining?
A.Well most juntha reach a state of content,no matterr how sad the service,its just that people want to just go interest in objecting or demanding better service ..You dont let that happen..for youth dies the day you become another ant in the army..

LMAO on the manager quote..hehe me too having a cocky boss,but you know the day you start being busy in your own job and dont give a damn to what he does ,it will be the time you get full mental peace(thats what me does..just keep nodding to what she blabbers but actually do things my waay)

Thats the waay of life kanna,you will meet lot more people actually underqualified but getting to be the gottta live with it -deal with it...

vetti aapiser

implodingdarkness said...

yup... all these things keep happening all the time... and all of us live with it in perfect harmony...

yestrdy was one of those days wher u do nothing but brood... i wasnt expecting any answers to these questions anyway... relivin good old broodin days of colg :D

n btw... if u dint notice... ur comments were bigger than the actual blog itself!

hail vettihood ;-)

Kondayya said...

hehe..yess saar

Single tea-kku singi adiththal


implodingdarkness said...

so much for the golden future
i cant even start...
i've had every promise broken
there's anger in my heart...
they dont know what its like
they dont have a clue..
if they did
they'll find themselves doin the same thing too ;)

\m/ \m/

Snowman said...

hehe..couldnt have echoed my sentiments more precisely..
me typing away this at 3 30 am on a sunday..after one lousy jobless week at office..

just wondering...vetti = ????

implodingdarkness said...

vetti = jobless
(need i elaborate????!!!)

Kondayya said...

hehe..Ya ya please do that..only a vetti loaferr can elaborate on vettism (our divine religion)

implodingdarkness said...

explain vettism????
jobless or whaaaatttt??? ;D

Kondayya said...

by the by ..did thou call on 24th morning ..sorry thalaiva .had put on silent mode ..was in lib..hate putting thses messages here :(

Kondayya said...

now that full peter stuff is vover
you better post something one of these day ..vokay?

WaterStars said...

The best question of them all:
Yella ok. Cool drink yaake?

Upendra ki jai!